Penyerahan bantuan CSR PLN

Alhamdulillah telah diterimakan dana CSR dari PLN sejumlah 50 juta untuk bantuan pembangunan / rehab masjid Darush Sholihin pada 3 Mei 2019. Berikut ini foto dokumentasinya


  1. Sometimes the gang closed the offices and moved them to a different location in order to to} escape the police and remain uncovered. The police anticipate to uncover other illegal playing operations within the close to future. Fueling 코인카지노 the revenue progress of foreigner-only casinos are Japanese tourists, based on the Korea Casino Association. The casinos section was the sector's most lucrative in 2019, with total gross gaming win of $2.5bn, equivalent to 30.9% of the sector's overall worth. It is only a few casinos that exist in motels in Jeju Island, Incheon, and Seoul. However, these types of|these type of|most of these} casinos are only open to foreigners and not residents of South Korea based on the Tourism Promotions Act.


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